Fallout Roleplay, a modification for Garry's Mod.

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    Post  Razan on Fri May 22, 2009 10:13 am

    This is the ad from FP that I made.

    Fallout Roleplay

    Brought to you by Revelation studios.


    I’m Razan, and I’m starting a little project and game mode based off of Fallout. If you remember the old FRP, IRIS’s, this shall be similar, but in many ways different to their FalloutRP. We are working under a team of my own Design, Revelation Studios.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    About me:

    I’m a former IRIS administrative member, and enjoyed working and Roleplaying with them until, of course, we were compromised. I then joined [Legacy] led by Maverick, who is also another former IRIS member. We started off good and made a basic script, but in the end he decided to work on another project for the time being. I also decided to, and eventually thought of the idea of doing another Fallout Roleplay. My friend Sharq helped me and we built a small forum.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    What are we about?:

    We are currently working on a new FalloutRP and have many ideas and plans for it. Many of the classic Fallout factions will be implemented, as well as any player created factions. I plan to have flags for many of the factions, with custom models.(No SWEPS though) Our timeline will run with that of right before the events of Fallout 3, though we shall not be in the same area as Fallout 3.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Base Script:

    Lemonade: We are currently going to use lemonade script, it is easy tos et up and very Roleplay friendly. This was also the orginal base IRIS used. I'm currently makng flags for our script as we speak.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    GM Atomic: This shall be the map until I can finish our current custom map.
    Custom map: We plan for this map portray a barren wasteland with atleast 2 major villages(or settlements). It will also include a vault like GM Atomic hopefully. I plan to work on this with our mapper (Sharq).

    A proposed map we may be working on:

    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    Our current backstory takes place in the barren post war state of Nevada. A vault has been freshly opened 40 years ago. The arose to find settlements of humans around the vault. Mutants, feral and sentient roamed the area, as Brotherhood scouts created a small outpost and were surveying the area. Sadly, this new world came with many dangers, such as slavers, raiders, bandits, ghouls, and even the remnant Enclave called the area home as well. The vast wasteland beyong you, you begin to start and living and claim this new place your home. Through the hardships and labor, you make it through, trying to thrive. Not all will make it, but for some, this new wasteland is a world of profit, just waiting to be used for their will. You can take the role of any of these characters, whether it be a awe stricken vault dweller, or battle hardened Enclave member.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    Of course, in Fallout, there was alot of scavenging. In this new gamemode, scavenging will mean alot, but at the same time be dangerous. Crates and boxes, as well as the wasteland desert, shall be populated with useful items for crafting, trading, and amusment. Sadly, to prevent constant scavenging, I'm going to implement raiders to stalk the wasteland(Not settlements or near them) to prevent constant scavenging. These raiders shall be players, and will not attack if your scavenging group consists of more than 3 people. I'm still thinking this up, so it's not going to be exactly like this.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    In this new Roleplay, we plan on giving faction and/or settlememts diplomats. These special members will debate peace treaties, negotiate, and make compromises for their faction. They even have the ability to make a declariation of war if authorized by the faction leader. With this, I think that many unneeded quarrels shall be avoided, and it will add more to the RP experience.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    This will probably be implemented into the script. It will allow players to use bought and/or scavenged items to create a newer and possibly more useful item. Parts will be able to be scavenged from containers or simply out in the wasteland.

    Example: Rope piece+Rope Piece+Binding Material=Zip-tie.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    Survivor: The basic class that everyone starts with. This class can become anything it wants, from a scavenger, to a raider if it find the approiate tools. Remember, just because you don't have a flag, doesn't mean you can't RP like that flag's purpose.

    Trader: Sells basic good such as food and drink. Can sell Zip-ties, melons, beer, crafting parts, and manhy other things.

    Munitions Trader: For respected players, requires an application. Can sell guns and ammo, as well as everything the normal trader can.

    Raider: Rob and pillage characters and settlements. Disliked and almost always travel in groups, these players are dangerous and not to be toyed with.

    Vault Dweller: A fresh new member that has recently emerged from the vault.

    (Faction Flags): If you're lucky, your faction will get one with a model representing your faction. BoS and Enclave will most likely get one from the start.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    I plan to make these pretty hard to come by, but not extremely hard.
    Current possible SWEPS:

    Hunting Rifle: A mid range rifle, with okay Damage. It will be modeate in price, and would be the most common weapon to see in a survivor's possesion.

    SMG: This will be the one of the hardest weapons to come by. It's mid to short range and fires on full-automatic. Cost will be incredibly high.

    Wichester Shotgun: Another Weapon. Short range and has a high-medium to high cost.

    Desert Eagle: Mid range pistol. Will have a high-low to medium cost.

    Colt m1911: Short to mid range pistol. Lowest cost of all weapons and easiest to come by, but still rare. Low damage.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Current Team:

    Razan(me): I’m the Owner and shall be supervising Roleplay and scripting for now. I shall do some simple scripting, as well as some of the art.

    Sharq: Most likely he will be mapping with me. Very good guy, and is Co-owner.

    Kiley: Will be helping me and Sharq map. (As well as script)?

    Technical Developers: We currently have one pending person, sadly his computer is broken at the moment.

    Roleplay Developers: I’m the manager of this group until we can get some team members. These people shall be developing the backstory as well as give me ideas to support roleplay on the server.

    Community members: “An army runs on it’s stomach.” -Napoleon Bonaparte. And how true that is, we are nothing without our loyal members. It’s most important position, and what’s best, anybody can be part of it. Just come on, register in our forums and help us out with your ideas.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Joining the team:

    If you want to help out, send me a short PM stating that you want to join, as well as a stating what you want to do for us, script, amp, etc. Or you simply email me at Cris.skye21@gmail.com
    We are in need of Roleplay developers and most importantly, technical developers.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    Please visit us at www.s1.zetaboards.com/razan.

    I know we currently have very few members, but with your help we’ll grow to enormous proportions. Feel free to post any ideas suggestion, even you own custom faction or Roleplay story.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Thanks for reading,


    SEE THE REAL ADD WITH PICTURES AT:http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=741378

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