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    Post  Judge Sharq on Fri May 22, 2009 10:31 pm

    OOC name: Sharq

    IC name: Ss'll Shh'Kar

    Name of the Faction: The Soilborn

    Members participating in the faction: Sharq...

    Which part of the wasteland will your faction or group occupy?
    We will occupy any part of the map that is underground-based.

    Do you or any other players in your faction require Tool Trust
    Only the Daemon Prince (Me) and the High Priests/Priests need it

    Have you already started roleplaying as your faction in game

    Faction backstory: The Soilborn are, in reality, a band of cultists and nobodies. But, they are much then they appear. They all strive to find their 'messiah' in hopes for the acclaimed 'Day of Salvation' in which they'd turn into a new, more powerful, species. They perform ritualistic killings on those whom they think will try and stop them from their goal, or to matain 'Vitality'; An enriched substance of blood and another mysterious ingrediant that is, to be blatant, a drug that has an effect on their body, making them almost imperveous to all pain. They're two main sects of the Soilborn, the Slaanesh and the Khorne. Worshippers of Slaanesh take pleasure in the Vitality drug, whilst Worshippers of Khorne rather flat-out kill anyone in their way to the path to acsension. They arn't the most technologiclly adept as the Brotherhood or Enclave (Albeit some members do get their hands on some advanced tech). But they do make up for it in subterfuge, sabotage, and Close-Quarters-Combat.

    Faction ranks: Daemon Prince - The leader of the Soilborn, so disfigured from usage of the Vitality drug and organic augmentations, resembles that of mythological Demon. Very strong, but not agile, they are often deep in catacombs, no one for sure knows what they do down there.

    Cohort of Khorne - These are the only adequetley armed members of The Soilborn. The guards of the Priests and catacombs.

    High Priest of Slaanesh - The most respect members of the priest sect. They perform rituals/ experiments/ torture and trying to find their 'messiah'.
    -> Priest of Slaanesh - The more il-respected form of High-Priests, usually assisting the high priests in whatever they need. Or doing things on their own, if permitted.

    Cultist - The lowest of the low. An urchin on the street. The beggar scrounging for food. The drug addict trying to get that feeling of vitality. The Cultist is any one of these, and more. A servant to the soilborn, though not necasarilly [i]living[i] in the catacombs, they are still Soilborn and do as the Prince commands. Often skilled with a knife and hand to hand combat; you'll often want to leave him alone.

    A note: This is more or less a secondary kind of faction. As in, I'll put valuable items in the catacombs for those brave enough to venture down there. There may also be a quest where you nay have to save someone (I dunno...Princess Peach?) from being killed by the Priests.

    I'll add more later, it's late...

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    Post  Razan on Sat May 23, 2009 9:19 am

    I accept it. Would add a whole new "Mysterious" and Ritualistic feel.

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