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    Junkers Union

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    OOC Name: mrprimetime24(steamID)

    IC name: Redford Hill

    1. What is the name of your faction or group. The official title should be Junkers Union. A more downtrodden name would be "Pine Saw Gang" or simply 'The Crew'.

    2. What is the backstory behind this group or faction? What purpose would they server in the Fallout world? How does this Faction help the overall roleplay of the server?

    (I'm not sure what timeframe we are talking about here. It could be between 0 and 200 years after the Great War. I'll just make this set for Fallout 3.)

    The Story: The Wasteland was always an unfair, but yet balanced playground. With that came many things: bugs that grew bigger, mutants that were traded mind capacity for super strength, survivors killing for clean water...

    And then there was One. One man who forged a confederacy of brigands that took personal matters into their own hands. It was about what they wanted; a way to make a living. The means to get ahold of some caps, and a purpose to keep them going. The Man sat at a campfire and heard their wishes for some "real order" around here. He was going to give it to them.

    With a crew ready to venture, He appointed a Second in Command to be placed upon a woman simply known as Jetta. She was one of those wicked raiders from Bedcrest Point. It was filled with wild animals that lived for flesh and bone. Cannibals, they were called. No one had known it at first. They thought she was just a lesbo.

    She wore a mohawk and commanded the grunts like they were marines in the Old army. Of course, that is to suppose that the Old army put sand in the mouths of their recruits when they dared disobey... And sometimes, take a nice bite out of their throats.

    By 195, there were several small camps in the vicinity of what was said to be the East Nevada Trail. There was a local medic for this "tribe". Supplies were limited. The doc could only use a radiated hatchet to amputate severed limbs, and give his patients some med-x to stop the pain.

    Jetta kept control of the South Dakota expedition and was in charge of the eastern front, meanwhile the Man led the West. He continued his work on the Nevada Trail until a small settlement came out of it. He named it Talos. This would later become the primary headquarters of the Union.

    In the year 197, a new leader named infamously as Redford Hill led a large team of derelicts to Saw Valley. There, he told them the Code of the slave laws; how to capture and sell them. It became a tag line of his: "Take, and ye shall recieve". The men stood by it for two years, gaining and losing good company. In the fall of the year 199, they proclaimed themselves the "Junkers Union".

    With their HQ at Talos whom their chieftain simply known as "the Man", kept a good alliance together. Redford would travel between these two places with a loner every now and then to set up trade lanes. The Man said to him that Jetta had abandoned the cause and killed many of the slavers in the Dakota's. She had set up her own war tribe that focused on intense ritual and was said to have gone beyond insane.

    From then on, the Union have set up small trade posts across the mid-west and have moved to this place to expand their nuance..

    Summary: Basically we are a slaver faction, with several traders for general/weapon supplies as well. There really isn't any goal for governing areas besides making it slave law that any slave that escapes capture is bound to their masters to be returned.

    Also, any land claimed by the Union is considered theirs only. If anyone tries to take it by force, or starts trouble then the commandos are sent in.

    (1): They are big on resource control, and tend to be selfish. If you are a wastelander and you have something to trade, then you have come to the right place. The Union encourages free markets for all things and allows entry to JU property if you want to conduct business.

    (2): Don't think the JU will just help you for nothing. That is a big mistake, and can cost you your life. These are BAD guys. They do not care about morals or doing the right things. It is all for one and none for all except the Union. If you're not in it, then you better be useful.

    (3): Being useful goes a long way(including initiation to JU). You can make money off of us if you play your cards right. If you don't, you may end up in a body bag.

    (4): Few slaves are ever freed. If you become a slave and are locked up, odds are you will die of hunger before you reach liberty again. Slaves may be integrated into the structure during certain opportunties posed by slavers(initiation into JU). Others serve minor purposes as pack mules or harlots.

    (5): Traitors to the Union are blacklisted as wanted slaves. If they are known to be alive and not in JU hands, local wastelanders can take a contract to capture them. Posters will usually be handed out with facial descriptions in order to match them. Locations of their whereabouts will be limited.


    {First Entry By: John "Pappa" Clay

    The techies over at RobCo sent a Mr. Gutsy to ambush our men over at Pine Lake. Randy got his arm blown off from a laser, and Ed face planted into the water. Gawdamn Sam Derenger saved the day with his rocket pack handy.. I just hope we don't have to deal with one of THOSE again.}

    [Error. Second entry is missing or does not exsist-code476]

    {Third Entry By: John "Pappa" Clay

    Heheh. Damn, I love this job. Beats a room at Lotus Warehouse. Especially when you get to lay your hands on a nice peice of ass. Yup. Got ourselves a live one here next to the Food Mart. She sure put up a fight; gave Eddy the knee. Fiesty bitch, I would show her a thing or two...

    Anyway, we put the collar on her and were heading back to base when some asshole comes up and starts shit. Tells us, "This here is Pine Oak Express". Both Eddy and I shrug. Then he sighs, "Let the girl go, or there's gonna be trouble".

    "Oh yea? You n' what army?", I say. He says, "Smith and Wesson, and me..".

    Now, here I'm thinking: "What kind of stupid asshole would come up with a line like that?" Then comes the safety switch on his .44 Magnum.

    It was too late before Eddy sprung his weapon loose. He had already fired four shots in his direction. I saw the blood fly everywhere and Eddy fall to the ground. That enfuriated me... Soon I was within arms length of the Son-of-a-Bitch and was able to stab him in the throat with my switchblade.

    The bastard was done for. Only a slight stagger backwards before he collapsed onto a boulder.

    I went over to check on Eddy, feeling the warm neck of his own. He was dead. Same man that survived a radiated dirt nap took a bullet for me so I could end that fucker...He was sitting there stuttering in silent pain.

    The slave began to run off as soon as I was off guard. I glanced toward her direction, but made no move to follow. It was time to dig a hole.

    Only for my Best Man

    [Fourth entry by Caleb Mitchel...CLASSIFIED]

    {Fith entry by Caleb Mitchel

    It is now eight fifty-seven p.m. in Saw Valley, land of the proprietors. Joe Billings and I are manning the "fort" over here at Franklin Motors gas station. We've been sent here to keep people from syphoning the remaining oil until we do. I just wonder if there is any left after all these years.

    Bill looks relaxed as far as I can tell. Chewing his tobacco. Then again, it's nothing he had'nt already done. Simple guard duty. He had killed many a man in his youth. I suspect it was around his twenty-ninth birthday he'd kicked up three men, all with loaded weapons. Of course, they never saw him coming. He was always too quick

    3. Which part of the wasteland will your faction or group occupy? (Provide a picture)

    Picture Paradise Falls in whatever map we play on. We will not always make a big establishment out of props, but quite frequently there will be a moderate-sized settlement for bad guys; criminals, thieves, and slavers.

    4. List the names of those who are leading this faction. Include names of those who are participating in this faction or group?

    Dantes(me): Redford Hill- Influential and the most prosperous businessman in the area. His dealings tend to lean towards the buying and selling of humans. Payment is up front, and installments are not likely. The only time he hangs around is when he is in his quarters with pleasurable company.


    Strength: 5 {He is not particularly good at fist fighting)
    Perception: 7 {Can spot a traitor a mile away}
    Endurance: 5 {Takes punishment like any normal man, feels pain}
    Charisma: 6 {Able to sway minds to his wantings. Respectable.}
    Intelligence: 7 {Keeps tabs on everything. Criminal Mastermind}
    Agility: 6 {Always has an escape route}
    Luck: 3 {Tends to be dealt shitty cards}

    5. Do you or any other players in your faction require Tool Trust

    Fat Cats will need it in order to issue certain slavers sleeping quarters, stores: clinic/gun shop, or other things.

    6. Have you already started roleplaying as your faction in game

    No. If and and when the server comes up.

    7. What are the ranks for your faction

    Starting from the top:

    Count: (The guy who runs everything. Stakes a claim to owning a peice of territory. As in Paradise Falls, he will dictate who gets to stay or go. Although staking a claim, they will not bother average wastelanders unless it has to do with money or slaving. So it can be taken that the Union does not see itself as a government.]

    Fat Cat[Nuncio]: (Representative and camp prefect. Deals in diplomacy for all negotiating actions. In charge of the Gatekeeper, and Prisoner Exchange. This title is given to a man with a high level of charisma.}

    Freeman: [Respected veteran of the Crew. Considered a master of the men. In charge of a group of Slavers. Can create own individual slaver sect.]

    Appearance: Wears light-colored brahmin hide or heavy leather. Carries a Union patch on shoulder.

    Equipment: Hunting rifle. Some carry an additional sidearm.

    Enforcer[Commando]: {Elite soldier under full allegiance to the Union. Takes orders from no one except the Count. Used in accordance to strike fear into civilian populace and defend very valuable Union interests: such as an abandoned grocery store being used as a trade shop. They will not be protecting a refridgerator with purified water.}

    Training: It will be VERY HARD to become an Enforcer. You must go through extensive CQC and Battle Tactics sessions. It can literally take up to two weeks to become qualified.

    Appearance: Usually thick leather armor strapped with 5mm rounds{Picture a badass Wild West gun toter). Some of them will wear berets.

    Equipment: Assault Rifle, 5.56 mm rounds. Frag grenades. Switchblade/Combat Knife.

    Specialties: Small guns, Melee, Repair.

    Loner: {Specific special characters usually with one solid name for themselves. Known by most within the Union, they get what they want. Booze, women, equipment at an unbeatable price: not getting your head blown off by them!}


    Slaver: [Backbone of the Union. Crude misfits that tend to shoot first and ask questions later. Maintain disciple when paid enough. They can act as security or "dog catchers", so to speak. At this point, no one within the Union really gives you shit. You get to enslave your own prospects and drink the Count's booze.}

    Appearance: (A raider with less skin showing, plus more civilized hair styles.)

    Equipment: .32/10mm pistol. Some get hunting rifles from Union stock.

    Jackal: [Usually slaves that are loyal to their masters. They are extremely capable in hand-to-hand combat. Knives are the weapon of choice. If it is a slave, they will sacrifice armor for speed. If a freeman, they tend to wear leather.]

    Equipment: Switchblade/Combat Knife, Blunt Two-Handed Weapon.

    Specialties: Unarmed, Melee.

    Grunt: {Hired help. Pretty much gets paid whatever slaver they are affiliated with cuts them. Which is usually shit. They don't get to use Union equipment. They buy their own toys and do favors in order to be called a slaver.}

    Equipment: Nailboard/other barbaric instruments. Some may get their hands on a pistol.

    Thank you for considering it. Any comments and suggestions appreciated. Any negative remarks, decomposing statements, and the likes are not welcome.

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