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    The Scavengers


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    The Scavengers

    Post  Jester on Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:09 pm

    1. What is the name of your faction or group.
    The Scavengers.

    2. What is the backstory behind this group or faction? What purpose would they server in the Fallout world? How does this Faction help the overall roleplay of the server?
    Since the dawn of the war, Scavenging has always been a vital part of surviving. Scavengers are comprised all walks of life, some Ex- Raiders or Ex- Enclave, some could be simply normal humans looking for useful items. Mainly the population is full of normal humans. Scavengers find items, and often sell them for bottlecaps, making them great alternative traders, and self sufficient citizens of the wasteland. The Scavengers would help roleplay overall on the server in many ways. For one, We would be able to sell items to people, that would normally be harder to find (Not necessarily weapons). Secondly, we would aid other people who would need help, and possibly take them in, if they are in dire need. There are multiple ways that this faction can help roleplay.

    3. Which part of the wasteland will your faction or group occupy?
    There is no set location where the Scavengers are found, however, we usually occupy abandoned locations. One example of a Scavenger location would be Lucky's, a Scavenger trading post.

    4. List the names of those who are leading this faction. Include names of those who are participating in this faction or group?
    Alex Jester (L)
    Lodi (Co-L) (He has to tell me his RP name.)

    So far there are only two - four members, but we will always grow during RP.

    5. Do you or any other players in your faction require Tool Trust
    The Leader, me, and the Co-leader Lodi will, for building purposes.

    6. Have you already started roleplaying as your faction in game
    Well, the server is not up, is it? We haven't on THIS server, but have on others.

    7. What are the ranks for your faction
    Boss- Top rank
    Scavenger- Main member rank
    Forager- Lowest rank

    The Scavengers were formed by former / current musician and radio host "Jester", who noticed many people on the Wasteland without a place to go. He took some people in at the radio station, and they began to scavenge and hunt. A few years later, He found himself leading tens upon tens of wastelanders to sell and regulate the barren wasteland.

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    Re: The Scavengers

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