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    Current Faction list

    Judge Sharq
    Judge Sharq

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    Current Faction list Empty Current Faction list

    Post  Judge Sharq on Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:53 pm

    I'm too lazy to go through every thread. So now I put every accepted and pending faction here. Along with it's leaders, I suppose? And maybe other things. Like notes about the Faction...But, without further ado!
    P.S., I added alignments next to the faction from the Wastelander's point of View.

    The Brotherhood Of Steal - No leader - - Generally Friendly

    The Enclave - No leader - - Hostile

    The Soilborn - Ss'll Shh'Karr// Sharq - Hostile with most of the populace. - Hostile

    The Wasteland Wanderers - Jason Anderson// Powt - A starter faction, as you would say. - Friendly

    The Junker's Union - Redford Hill// MrPrimetime24 - Your run-of-the-mill Slaver faction, along with Normal Traders. - Hostile/Neutral

    Shadow Squad - Mike Sorath// Zeroarmorclone - A fairly powerful paramilitary organization, don't mess with them. (They're also the first faction to not start with 'The') - Neutral/Friendly/Hostile(Depending on whether or not you've hired them, or you've been wanted by them)

    The Scavengers - Alex Jester// Jester - Scavengers, what more must I say? - Friendly/Neutral

    Let me get this straight, when a Faction is Hostile, that doesn't mean you kill them on sight and vice versa. I'll explain it more later...


    Kiley's Rangers - Kiley's Rangers(?)// Kiley - Not much is known about these hombres, pretty sure they help people?
    Rogue BioSoldiers - BioSoldier 163// Undead40k - A secretive group of soldiers whom chose neutrality rather than raiding.
    Judge Sharq
    Judge Sharq

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    Post  Judge Sharq on Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:44 pm

    'Felt like adding a Faction-Relations Post, too.

    The Brotherhood of Steal - Hostile with: The Enclave - Friendly to the average Wastelander, but keeps a watchful eye for Mutants including but not limited to: Ghouls and Super Mutants.

    The Enclave - Hostile with most, if not every faction - Unfriendly to Wastelanders, Mutants, Nomads, you name it, they hate it.

    The Soilborn - *Unknown* - Though, they're generally Hostile with anyone that messes with them. Non-Discriminate.

    The Wasteland Wanderers - *Unknown* - Friendly with more or less every Wastelander.

    The Junker's Union - *Unknown* - Tend to be hostile with Unsuspecting passerby, they are Slavers, after all.

    Shadow Squad - *Unknown* - They're a Mercenary Organization (I'm pretty sure they are, at least...) so they stick to neutrality.

    The Scavengers - *Unknown* - Most likely not Hostile with any specific Person or Faction, since they sell them the things they scavenge.

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    Post  Dantes on Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:09 pm

    Good thread. Thanks for this.

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