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    Post  Judge Sharq on Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:49 pm

    "It aint what it used to be..." Is what some of the elders would say, They always used to tell us stories told to them by their elders as so forth, of a time when the world wasn't a Brown Marble. it was lush and Green, full of life. I think Elder Stamerson even said that they didn't even have to worry about Super Mutants... It's hard to believe a place like that though...

    The world now is a polar opposite of what they said. Danger at every turn, Rabid animals, Raiders, Mutants, Even The Enclave. We nomads have seen our fair share of turmoil, but I think our time in this City is worst of all...

    Back when we first arrived, we weren't quite sure what this place held, we didn't even know the name. Some Elders say it was called "New Aberdeen" Or something. Either way, it didn't matter. After we got settled in, a group of children ran off into the streets, hiding under huge carriages of some sort. A couple ventured into a rather stark and partially undamaged building. After a few hours of waiting for them to return, we decided to Venture in there and find out what happened. We'd looked in horror as Cannibalized Raiders were cooking and eating our Children. In spite of rage, we couldn't do anything, as we had no weapons...Just our luck I suppose.

    We decided that is was best to board off our homes in a large open area, away from most of the Raiders and Mutated creatures. It was better then than it ever was. We didn't have much of a care in the world there. Lest we went outside, where fear quickly set over...

    After an even longer while, a roving band of Men in Armour, who called themselves The "Brotherhood of Steal" Came to our homes in need of Medical care. We obliged, we couldn't say no to their weapons. After a day or so of meeting and caring for them, we saw another band of men in Armour, though it was different. They were moving rather quickly. At first, I thought they were fellow Members of The Brotherhood. I was soon mistaken as one of the Men, a "Knight Raymes" warned us that they were part of The Enclave, who were probably coming to finish not only The Brotherhood, but us, off.

    Before we could even react to this, they attacked, without Mercy or Compassion, ripped the men to shreds. Burning our homes, killing out children and our wives. I somehow escaped out of the Grace of our God. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm still going to get killed by those bastards...

    And now, I wonder the wastes, learning more about the past, selling various trinkets I find in abandoned homes, and drink myself to sleep, here.

    it is a dangerous place, New Aberdeen, but if you play your cards right, you just might make it.

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