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    A letter in a Box

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    A letter in a Box Empty A letter in a Box

    Post  Mister Freakie on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:10 pm

    **In a ruined old house stood a lonely iron crate, its top was filled with ruined child stamps. A lonely scavenger scavenger stepped into the ruins, noticing the box. He slowly walked towards it, looking for any valuables. He slowly opened the box, only to find a yellowed letter. He picked it up, noticing several crossed out and blurred words and quickly read it.**
    "I... I don't know where to start... it all happened so fast... The explotions just came, out of nowhere... Everywhere. It destory destroyed the Willowsburg. Whoever reads this, beware... monsters are around.
    This is year, 2077, everything is dying, I keep feeling more and more sick, and it all started a weeks age ago. Please... do yourself a favor... go to those vaults, before its too late!
    " **At the very bottom of the letter was an almost completely washed out text, reading "Edward Norton"**
    **As the scavenger looked to his side, he saw a corpse, yellow and looking like it would break into dust at any moment. He continued his search for treasure, finding nothing and shortly later leaving the house.**

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