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    Canadian scientists have made of other blood cells


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    Canadian scientists have made of other blood cells  Empty Canadian scientists have made of other blood cells

    Post  zlpwcq on Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:44 pm

    Recently, according to China Daily, China's emergence in many places "hematic barren" blood frequent emergency hospital, many patients who

    need blood transfusions have hard to wait. In this regard, various experts have suggestions and ideas, but so far failed to find a crack

    recipe.Prada sunglasses However, the Canadian team of scientists recently released a new study

    is expected to completely solve the problem of patient blood.

    According to the British "Daily Mail" website reported on November 8, McMaster University researchers recently used human skin cells, such as

    the successful production of oxygen ribonucleoprotein out of the blood cells, which means that people with cancer and leukemia The patient is

    expected to be entered and their blood types exactly match the artificial blood, do not worry about rejection or the occurrence of any


    Researchers in the use of adults of all ages and skin cells of newborn babies after the test found that, regardless of age of those being

    tested, and their skin cells can be "transform" into blood cells.Prada handbags Then they need

    to prove is whether these cells can be safely entered into the human body, in accordance with the plan, the trial will be completed in 2012.

    If successful, this new technology will soon be used clinically.

    Prior to this, scientists have produced a variety of artificial blood, for example, in 2008, U.S. scientists had used human embryonic stem

    cells successfully produce a nuclear-free red blood cells, these cells can not be resolved before the transfer of nutrients artificial red

    blood cells, can not complete metabolic problems. The latest research results of scientists in Canada is the first time to live skin cells

    directly into blood cells, Prada shoes the cells themselves have long since matured, it no

    longer takes time to develop, so this method is more efficient, more practical.

    McMaster University participated in the study, Professor Bhatia said the new technology allows doctors who can be extracted from the leukemia

    patients directly to skin cells into both mature and healthy blood cells, the method of treatment of leukemia will thus be "upgrade." And

    have the RH, MNSSU, DUFFY and other rare blood type of the people can take precautions in advance to create some "rare blood" to himself or

    others for future emergencies.

    Walker, Cancer Research UK researcher commented, and it was one of the important medical breakthroughs, it needs blood of cancer patients

    found a "perfect blood", will be applied later, it would save the lives of countless patients. In addition, this research also has an

    important "potential significance", it may mean that scientists can use skin cells to produce other mature cells, such as brain cells. Thus,

    treatment of senile dementia and Parkinson's disease will have a new hope.

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