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    Russian spy Colonel mutiny caused by the U.S. deportation


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    Russian spy Colonel mutiny caused by the U.S. deportation Empty Russian spy Colonel mutiny caused by the U.S. deportation

    Post  zlpwcq on Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:44 am

    Russian spy Colonel mutiny caused by the U.S. deportation

    AP Russia's "Kommersant" 11 disclosure, the U.S. branch of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service spy network leader Colonel Shcherbakov

    revolt earlier this year, the U.S. government account of the Russian spy network members to the U.S. list of , resulting in 10 Russian spies

    have been deported.

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    "Kommersant" last name only refers to the name of a double agent, no mention of his name. Published reports of the day a Shcherbakov photo.

    Reported that Shcherbakov responsible for managing the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service in the United States spy network, code-named "S


    U.S. Department of Justice announced the end of June this year, 11 suspects were charged in the United States of spying for Russia, of which

    10 people were arrested, and one at large. In early July, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the release of four American

    spies and their families, by the U.S. in exchange for Russian spies arrested 10 suspects. US-Russia spy row over.

    Shcherbakov Russian spies in the 10 suspects were arrested even before prada handbags the

    United States to leave Russia, fled to the United States.

    According to "Kommersant" argument is a double agent long Shcherbakov, but ignored a series of foreign intelligence clues, including his

    daughter has been living in the U.S. for many years, he was the son of Russian anti-narcotics department is also incident to leave Russia.

    Even more doubtful than a year ago, Shcherbakov refused promotion opportunities. "Kommersant" analysis, he might do so is to avoid a

    polygraph test.

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    Shcherbakov mutiny led by Russian spy arrested in the United States reported that the Russian State Duma lower house of parliament Security

    Committee Deputy Chairman Gennady Gould Cove confirmed. Goode Cove, said: "Shcherbakov, led by the 'S team' never so failed."

    By Reuters said, Shcherbakov is rebellion to the United States since the Soviet Union's highest level of Russian agents.

    In fact, the US-Russian espionage controversy died down, the Russian government had already put the export wind, that rebellion resulted in

    the Russian spy was arrested.

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's July 10 meeting with agents returned, said the identity of these 10 people have been exposed due to

    another "rebellion", and those who betrayed fellow Finally, it should pay a high price, "traitor always to no good end, they are not a

    drunkard, that is, drug addicts, or on the street. " prada shoes on sale

    Kremlin official who was not to be named, told "Kommersant": "We know he (traitor) who knows where he is. Do not worry, 'Meca del' has been

    on the road."

    1940 La Mengmei Kader Soviet agent when he was appointed to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and Stalin in Mexico political assassination of

    prominent politicians in the Soviet sub Leon Trotsky. Since then, the "Meca del" as said on behalf of the assassination team

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