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    Polls say nearly half of Americans do not support Obama re-election


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    Polls say nearly half of Americans do not support Obama re-election  Empty Polls say nearly half of Americans do not support Obama re-election

    Post  zlpwcq on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:53 am

    BEIJING, Nov. 23 Xinhua, "Central News Agency" reports, the U.S. 22, according to a recent national poll, up to 49% of Americans believe that Obama is not worthy of their support for re-election; 43% of people is worthy; Another 9% said not sure. moncler

    According to reports,moncler jackets the U.S. Queenie Peck University (Quinnipiac University) 22 poll released Tuesday shows that if the 2012 presidential election, Republican party presidential candidate in 2008 competing for the failure of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt - Romney (Mitt Romney) to run for,prada shoes and Obama competition, Romney will be 45% to 44% of the vote defeating Obama.

    The prada sunglasses survey also showed that 19% of the public support in 2008 and McCain (John McCain) partner of the Republican vice presidential candidate, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (Sarah Palin), in 2012 for Republicans to run for president with the Obama campaign.

    Is thought to be representative of the Republican Party to run for a popular candidate with the Obama campaign, followed by Palin (19%), Romney (18%), compete for the failure of the 2008 Republican nomination over former Arkansas heck (Mike Huckabee) (17 %), former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich (Newt Gingrich) (15%), the incumbent governor of Pu Lanti Minnesota (Tim Pawlenty) (6%).

    But the survey shows that in these popular candidates, only Romney have the opportunity to beat Barack Obama (45%: 44%); heck more than 44% of 46% will be lost to Obama. coach coupons outlet

    Although the popular candidate Palin ranked first, but if the Obama campaign, 40% of 48% will be lost to each other. If you just ask the independent voters, Palin also lost 37% of the 44% Obama.

    Palin recently said publicly that she is seriously considering competing for the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, and admission can beat Obama. discount coach bags

    In the Democratic voters, 64% of the respondents said the party did not want to see someone out in 2012 competing with the Obama nomination, 27% of people expressed its intention to the contrary. moncler

    The poll results are in 8 to 15 November in the U.S. moncler jackets telephone interview after the 2424 registered voters drawn. Respondents included 1,011 Republicans and pro-Republican voters, 1,048 Democrats and pro-Democratic voters, the survey error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

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