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    One of a kind items?!


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    One of a kind items?! Empty One of a kind items?!

    Post  Jester on Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:09 pm

    Hey all. Just had a quick idea to make RP a little more fun. In fallout 3, there were special weapons that would not be seen later in the game unless you acquired it earlier, an example of these weapons would be Lincoln's repeater. I think before fallout RP's official launch, an admin should go around the map and place the special weapons, for players to find.

    I was thinking some of the weapons could include-

    The Eisenhower, a WWII gun, with decent stats. Could be found in a museum, maybe.

    Katana, Located in a restaurant, or something.

    Actually, mid post I realized there are no weapon suggestions period, so, uh, here.

    A raggedy sniper-
    (Oh, it's a prop.)

    Old metal bat (Can't find a wood one yet.)

    Random household crap (Melee)
    (Seems like a Zombie Panic ripoff, I know.)

    Winchester rifle (Lincoln's repeater maybe?!)

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